What’s the deal with old furniture and mattresses?

Jul 1, 2021

Bulky pickup

Of all the items homeowners dispose of, the most confusion seems to be around mattresses and old pieces of furniture.
By far, they are the most popularly searched items in the Waste Wizard tool on our WasteConnect mobile app. (If you’re unfamiliar with our free WasteConnect app, I highly recommend it. It will save you the headache of constantly having to research how to dispose of specific items in your area.)

For old pieces of furniture, the first option to explore is donating to a local thrift store or antique mall. Just because it may have some scratches and dents doesn’t mean another family won’t appreciate its charm.

Of course, there are always furniture items that are beyond repair and well past their prime. And mattresses are a different story altogether.

Bulky pickup
Most waste haulers – including Waste Connections – offer a service called “bulky pickup.” Mattresses and old furniture can be disposed of via this service.

Depending on your area and subscription plan, you may get one or two complimentary bulky pickups per year. But regardless, you’ll likely need to contact your local hauler to schedule that pickup as a specialty request.

Perhaps the most creative solution for old furniture is an avenue called “upcycling.”

Upcycling is a fairly new trend, but it’s catching on quickly. According to Merriam-Webster, it means “to recycle something in such a way that the resulting product is of higher value than the original item.” For example, repainting an old ladder and turning it into part of a trendy clothing rack.

For those large, past-the-point-of-return items, however, contact your local Waste Connections hauler today to get a bulky pickup scheduled for your address.


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