WC Golf Classic for Kids 2022 – The Will Herndon Research Fund

Jun 10, 2022

Will Research Fund Blog

Waste Connections had the privilege of donating $100,000 to the Will Herndon Research Fund.The Herndon’s son, Will, was diagnosed with Batten Disease at six years old. The Herndon’s mission is to eliminate Batten Disease and find a treatment within their children’s lifetime. They continue to raise critical funding and awareness for the disease in their hometown of The Woodlands, Texas, to save Will and the hundreds of other children like him.

The Herndon Research fund will utilize the donation from Waste Connections to support new research projects to find a treatment for juvenile Batten disease. Multiple projects identified that, with private funding support, could turn into potential drug treatments to help save kids or prolong the quality of life with juvenile Batten disease. The current clinical trial, BBDf-101, where Will Herndon is Patient #1, is going remarkably well and is the first of its kind, giving HOPE to all kids with this rare, degenerative brain condition currently have a terminal diagnosis.

Waste Connections is honored to support this incredible organization.

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