The ultimate guide to keeping up with recycling requirements

Jun 7, 2021

Advocates and Recycle Cart

By now, most of us are aware of the benefits of recycling. We’ve all heard about how recycling saves energy, conserves resources, and reduces waste.

Most of us have likely even tried our hand at recycling – only to find it’s a lot more nuanced than perhaps we were led to believe.

Not only does every township, city, and county in the U.S. have its own set of recycling requirements, but those requirements are also changed and updated constantly. That’s because the commodities people happen to be buying at the moment (plastics, papers, glass, etc.) are what drive the recycling market.

So as a homeowner who wants to do your part in keeping our planet green, where can you turn for recycling answers? Here are a few ideas (and one spectacular bonus tip at the end):

1. Reach out to your local trash company

At Waste Connections, we’re always happy to answer your recycling questions! Just reach out to your local Waste Connections office either by phone, or online through their website.

Your community trash hauler is always a great resource to utilize whenever you have questions about recycling, since they are the ones picking it up.

2. Ask your local government

One surefire resource you can also check with is your local government. Specifically, your local municipality website.

More often than not, they will have the answers you’re looking for when it comes to recycling guidelines!

3. Reuse and compost what you can

Don’t forget you can also recycle in your own home!

By reusing items like plastic bottles as many times as you can, and composting food waste (fruits, veggies, eggshells, etc.), you can reduce your carbon footprint without worrying about which commodities are popular at the moment.

One last tip: If you still have recycling questions, download our WasteConnect App! It’s free, and it offers a Waste Wizard feature that will help you figure out exactly what is and isn’t recyclable in your local area at any given time. (I personally use it regularly.)

Happy recycling!


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