Canadian Outreach

Aug 1, 2021

CEE Blog

We are very excited to put the spotlight on some of the incredible organizations Waste Connections of Canada had the privilege of working with over the last month.
Waste Connections of Canada had the privilege of donating $10,000 to CEE- Centre for Young Black Professionals. This organization’s main focus is dedicated to addressing the economic and social barriers that affect black youths ages 14 and over who are not employed, and/or require education or training with a focus on a career in trades.

Our Canadian Diversity Outreach program had the opportunity to give back to three organizations. This Waste Connections team donated 10,000 dollars to Black CAP and 10,000 dollars to the Cyborg Circus Program.

Black CAP is Canada’s largest Black specific AIDS service organization. Its mission is to reduce the spread of HIV infection within Toronto’s Black communities and enhance the quality of life of people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS.

The Cyborg Circus Project is a trans and disability-led arts collective. They offer arts education, performance, and social support to disabled young people. This organization’s goal is to empower disabled people to live as artists in their communities.

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