3 tips for an eco-friendly Halloween

Oct 27, 2021


Halloween can be an extra fun time for families across the country, and a particularly spooky time for the environment. But with a few tips and tricks, we can make this season a little less scary for Planet Earth.

If you’re looking for some ways to make your Halloween a little more eco-friendly this year, here are some pointers:
1. Don’t try to recycle candy wrappers

We know it sounds backwards to encourage people not to recycle something, but most plastic candy wrappers just aren’t recyclable – and adding them to your recycling bins could contaminate the load.

Even though this mistake is made with the best intentions, you’ll be doing your local recycling center a favor by tossing your wrappers in the trash.

2. Turn your jack-o-lantern into compost

Pumpkins actually make excellent compost!

Make sure all the leftover candle wax is scraped out, and then feel free to toss your old jack-o-lantern into your garden or flower bed.

Bonus: Earthworms – and even sometimes deer – will enjoy munching on this tasty Halloween treat you’ve left out for them!

3. Use cloth bags for trick-or-treating

Plastic bags, much like plastic candy wrappers, aren’t accepted as recyclable material.

When given the option, it’s always best to go with either a hard plastic bucket or a cloth bag for the trick-or-treaters in your family.

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And from our Waste Connections family to yours, happy Halloween!


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