3 signs your business is ready to upgrade to a trash compactor

May 25, 2021

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The other day, a couple of our Waste Connections sales representatives invited me to tag along for a potential new customer site visit (one of my favorite activities).

We went to a large building made up of more than several offices. Each office space was its own business, complete with its fair share of friendly staff and plenty of old food wrappers and used water cooler cups.

As you can imagine, the waste output wasn’t small.

In fact, the building manager was wondering whether or not it might be time for their family of small businesses to upgrade to a trash compactor.

So, we went out to assess the situation for ourselves.

Upon a brief chat and walkabout with the building manager, we found three tell-tale signs that the time had indeed come for their building to install a trash compactor:

Pest control

Scattered around the four overflowing commercial dumpsters in the back of their parking lot were droppings from what looked like small rodents. And worse, the smell of urine was unmistakable the closer we got to the dumpsters.

Since trash compactors are sealed, pests aren’t drawn to them – and even if they were, they wouldn’t be able to easily make their way inside. So they don’t hang around long.

Unauthorized dumping

Aside from the evidence of pests, bulky bits of wood and pieces of what appeared to be an old bedframe were loosely hanging from one of the exposed dumpsters.

Embarrassed, the building manager admitted, “That’s not ours. We haven’t been able to stop illegal dumping very successfully.”

We reassured her and chalked it up to another reason why a sealed, secured trash compactor might be right for her building.

Reducing waste costs

Even without illegal dumping, four average-sized commercial dumpsters would need to be picked up at least once – probably twice – a week in order to properly service a building that full of people.

When the building manager made it clear to us that the cost of so many dumpsters getting picked up so frequently was a pain-point for her, we knew her building was ready to make the change to one trash compactor.

If the above scenarios sound familiar, it may be time to ask yourself the same question as our forward-thinking building manager – is your business ready to upgrade to a trash compactor?

Whatever your answer, we’d love to partner with you. Our experts will be more than happy to find the right waste disposal option at the right cost for you. Click here to get a quick quote, or for more information.

Location: OAK RIDGE, TN, USA

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