3 easy ways to minimize waste this holiday season

Dec 17, 2021

zero waste holiday

‘Tis the season to be… wasteful?

According to Stanford University, U.S. households typically produce around 25 million tons of extra garbage during the holiday season.

That number might sound shocking at first, but when you think about all the gift wrappings, food waste, and disposable decorations that go into the holidays, it starts to make sense.

But by following a few simple steps, festivities can still be merry and bright without being as harmful to the planet:

1. Reuse gift wrappings

Whenever possible, try to use bags instead of wrapping paper. Bags are easy to reuse and less likely to tear during the gift opening process. There are also cloth wrappings available – so you could skip the paper usage altogether!

Also, consider saving bows and ribbon to reuse year-after-year.

2. Opt for silverware instead of “plasticware”

Single-use paper or plastic cutlery and plates are tempting during large holiday gatherings. This year though, challenge yourself to consider sustainability over convenience.

The amount of trash this little change will cut down on is staggering. So, this is a great tip for reducing waste output.

3. Light right!

LED holiday lights use much less energy than regular lights do – plus, they last longer! And if one bulb goes out, the rest of the strand will still work.

(On a personal note, I only use LED lights in my house anymore. I prefer them over traditional bulbs for their durability and stamina.)

This year, remember – the best way to spread holiday cheer is by protecting the planet we hold so dear. (Okay, I made that up. Maybe it’ll stick though.)

And of course, remember that our free WasteConnect mobile app is always here to help you dispose of any item in the most environmentally friendly way possible! Download it today on your Android or Apple device.

From all of us here at Waste Connections, happy holidays!

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